Saturday, 3 January 2009

Communications, cat business and enjoying presents

Yesterday, Mas and I received our Christmas present from Pete, and a card from Diane. I spoke to both of them too. Generally we relaxed, but we did go out to buy a better kitten collar from Boreham Wood, as the previous one we had bought was not very good, and had 'Salty', and his phone number engraved on it. We began watching one of the episodes of 'Dead or Alive' that Steve McQueen made, which Mas enjoyed out of nostalgia, followed by a Battlestar Gallactica.

Today, Mas without a struggle, the cat got his collar put on which he made no fuss about. I also gave him a worm pill which he ate as if it was a special treat. Mas spent time clearing the garden, and I had a long talk with Florence, and caught up with some e-mails. Strangely Salty began sitting like a white Meerkat today, on his hind legs with his paws dangling in front of him.

The weather is cold, and we have mostly been hibernating indoors watching the fire and television in the evenings.

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