Saturday, 10 January 2009

Exciting and chilling times

We woke up to another cold and frosty morning, and after breakfast let the cat out into the garden. We both went out with Salty, just in case! He went all round the garden sniffing everything, and then went up a little fir tree very quickly, but had trouble climbing down and after letting us know how difficult it was, he fell down from it, but it was not far. Next he shot up a Hawthorne tree, going up to the thinnest twigs, and then began meowing desperately as he could not get down. By now I noticed that it had begun snowing; just little needles of snow.

Mas went off and got the ladder, extending it fully. I tried to stop him as he has a history of falling off ladders, but he would not listen, and with me holding the the bottom he went as high as he could, giving instructions to the cat about how to get down, as you do. Eventually Salty got closer to Mas, and with encouragement jumped onto Mason's shoulders. It was at this point that, with the cat still balancing on his shoulders, Mas began to lose his trousers which were descending faster than he was, and I had a chance to admire the goosebumps on his buns as the snow brushed past them.

Salty was so happy to be rescued that he was vibrating with joy, and we all went in to get warm again, and Mas and I to have a cup of tea. After this adventure Salty slept most of the day, and I had a chance to do some cooking. Amongst other things I made some rock cakes, only to find out that Salty likes them so much he would steal them if he had the opportunity.

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Peter said...

Glad I wasn't there to see that one!