Monday, 5 January 2009

Frightening games and unexpected meet up

Yesterday we both sorted things out, tidied up, and generally updated things for this year, and relaxed. I was making the bed, and throwing a light cover over Salty as he likes rolling around and fighting under the blanket. During these games I panted at the cat like a dog, and all his fur stood on end. I calmed him down, but his tail stayed puffed up for about twenty minutes.

After a late breakfast, Diane called and asked if I could collect her from the hospital today; the hospital would not carry out the procedure if she was alone. I had also been trying to phone the hospital on my own account, so I went to my department and sorted that out before meeting Diane. We went to the 'Ask' restaurant in Belsize Park, and had some soup and caught up on each others news, which was nice, before making our separate ways home on the tube. The weather is still very cold. Later I took down the few decorations that I had put up.

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