Monday, 1 September 2008

Skeleton pictures and encounter with dentist not in disguise

On Monday morning I spoke to Diane and Pete, and commenced trying to do the skeleton picture for Pete, I did two rough drawings and sent them to him to see if they were along the right lines.

Mas went off to Edgware as he had an appointment at the bank, and because he had to wait for a while he went into the cafe opposite for a coffee. Our dentist was having lunch there and Mas had a chance to apologise. Recently Mas went to the cafe, and this pleasant man who Mas recognised, but could not place, came over and asked how we were, and Mason later asked the owner who he was, and when he said he was a dentist Mas immediately knew he was ours! When Mason explained to the dentist, the dentist said it was because he didn't have his white coat on!

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