Friday, 12 September 2008

Red Admiral butterflies and a happy visiter.

The weather changed and became sunny and as we were having breakfast we noticed a flock (swarm?) of Red Admiral butterflies in the garden. Mas would have said it was a slew of butterflies, and we went out and watched them feasting on the nectar of various plants, especially the ivy which is in flower now.

We went out and watched them for a while as butterflies seem to have been in short supply this year.

I spent some time gardening, trying to get a good quota of vitamin D before going indoors and doing all the usual things.

On Friday I went for a walk in the afternoon as the weather was still nice. Later I seemed to spend a lot of time searching for misplaced things and mentioned to Mas that I seem to have a few screws loose lately, and he said I was the most screwed together person he knew ( screwed up?), which I took as a compliment.

Manu called round in the evening, and chatted over a glass of wine. As he left, he skipped down the passage saying he was completely happy now as I looked so well, which made me feel happy too.

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