Monday, 29 September 2008

Computer conundrums and French film fun.

I caught up with e-mails and correspondence today, but my computer began behaving strangely so I called Pete and tried to sort it out with him until his nerves became jangly. I did some therapeutic housework and gardening, and in the evening we watched a stylish Poirot.

The next day I managed to get my computer working enough to back up my files, so saving all the images of my paintings, which was a relief.

Things continued quietly over the weekend, but on Monday Mason got spammed with hundreds of e-mails, and spent a long time sorting all that out. As the weather was really warm and sunny, for a change, I pruned all the roses in the front garden without lacerating myself too much. Diane and Florence called and chatted later.

Mas then had a look at our TV and managed to sort the system out enough so that we can watch our CDs again. We watched Pete's film Les Goût des Autres which I really enjoyed, and Mas did not, but we agreed to differ on this.

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