Sunday, 7 September 2008

Lost in Austen and happy in Havana

On Wednesday as usual we went off to St.Albans, and got our shopping at the market and had lunch at Sazios. We did not meet up with Tania and Robert as he was swatting up for an exam tomorrow. We had lunch, and left feeling a bit too sazio (satisfied) and a bit uncomfortably full, but had enjoyed a very cheerful lunch. We decided just to eat some fruit for dinner later.

Later we watched a new production on TV called 'Lost in Austen', about a modern young woman who finds herself living in Jane Austen's novel 'Pride and Prejudice'. We found it really irritating on several counts and will not watch the rest of the series which is a shame as there is so little that is interesting to watch lately.

On Thursday we did a little local shopping which seemed to take a long time. We committed the sin of watching daytime TV; 'Diagnosis Murder' which at least has a cheerful looking Dick Van Dyke in it. Later I blended and froze lots of strawberries and raspberries that we had bought from the market yesterday.

On Friday it was raining as usual, I seemed to spend most of the day phoning and e-mailing friends and family. We feel really lucky that we are not being inundated by floods, but the weather is so grey all the time it is depressing, and it is too wet to do any gardening.

On Saturday the weather is still terrible; one area had 6" of rain in twenty four hours, and there is terrible flooding and destruction; two people were drowned. this of course is nothing to what is happening in other places around the world.

Mas and I watched a really confusing sci-fi film called 'The 13th Floor', and by the time it finished we were still confused, and felt it would be reassuring to watch something really predictable afterwards!

On Sunday I spoke to Pete and then Toby. I had been trying to paint the skeleton picture for Pete, but without much success, Skelly is proving very elusive. For escapism I watched the old film 'Our Man in Havana' with Alec Guiness. It is nice when there are happy endings!

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