Tuesday, 15 July 2008

sickness and confusion

I became increasingly nauseous, and to add to the aggravation I put my back out, and could not stand upright, so took the correct pills and stayed in bed until the muscles stopped spasming and I could move again. My friend Pat was going to visit, but we had to put her off until I was a bit better.

Pete came up, and gave a hand with all the housework. He was so worried about me that when he left I phoned the hospital, and they admitted me again. It seems I was dehydrated and had lost all kinds of vital salts from my blood. They ran all kinds of tests to make sure I had not picked up an infection, and replaced all the things my blood was missing by drip. I felt as if I was tethered to the wall like a goat on a chain, and was relieved after four days when I was disconnected from the drip machine.

It seems it was the chemotherapy causing all the problems. I was given a huge supply of pills to take home to also keep hydrated and replace salts and vitamins also I was advised to drink Coca Cola as it has so much sugar in it that it helps in water absorption .

I came home on Tuesday the 15th. Mas had been visiting me every day, spending £6.00 a day on the parking fees, and on the last day also paid the fees and a fine of £60.00 for not parking in exactly the right spot because there were no spaces left!

Pete visited again, and he and Mas were relieved to see me looking better again, and Pete wrote up a schedule of which pills had to be taken and when as it was all very confusing. Later we had a nice relaxed evening with me going off early to bed as it is hard to keep awake with these pills I have to take.

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