Friday, 4 July 2008

Laughter, landscaping and escaping

Independence day for Mas! I bussed off again for an hour to get a few things from the shops, leaving him to answer all his emails. On returning I saw Maheena as I was walking to the house; we stopped and talked for a while, then Glen ran out to talk to us as well. We had a few minutes where we were laughing at everything we were talking about.

When I left them, my next door neighbour invited me into his garden to look at all the gnomes, and the landscape he is giving them. He certainly has been working hard, and the sunburn on his buns proves it. He is very happy with the garden which will take another week to finish.

Florence phoned, returning my call. It was nice to hear from her and catch up on all the news. She was rather shocked at mine, which was what I had tried to avoid. Later I went into the shed to get some more bird food to put in the feeder, only to find the little field mouse having dinner on some of the spilled grains, he ran over my hand to escape.

In the evening we watched some Frasiers, and a Frost before going to bed.

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