Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Pete left, friends, family and other animals communicate.

Feeling slightly better today. Pete nervously left after breakfast, worried he may have bought a cold into the house hold, but luckily he did not get one after all which he mentioned when he called later. Diane called, and I explained what had been going on as we had missed a get together while I had been in hospital again. She was rather shocked to hear what a time it has been, and offered any kind of help that Mas or I might need, even just to talk, which was very touching.

Toby phoned too, and said he would be over at the end of next week, and would stay at Pete's so as not to add to the confusion, bur would be available whenever needed, and just to visit too. They had a really nice holiday in Argentina.

Later while resting I noticed we have a blackbird who does his usual song, but finishes his phrases with a loud cat's miaow. Thank goodness he isn't doing a car alarm which some of them do!

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