Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Pete's visit to home and hospital followed by pizza pie

On Monday I did a few essential things, and made some phone calls. I am glad as I am feeling better today. In the afternoon Pete arrived, and we had a nice time talking all afternoon and evening, and Mas made one of his tasty tamale pies.

Pete and I managed to get to the Royal Free at the right time in the morning. I did the blood test and them saw my doctor who, in view of the strong reaction I had had to the chemo, decided that I should have another week to recover before doing another course. The nurses and doctors in the outpatients are so pleasant, and there is such a good atmosphere there that it takes the sting out of the whole procedure. I had mentioned to Pete that I would really like to eat a pizza, and before long we were both looking forward to one.

We left the hospital, Pete much relieved that I had not been railroaded into taking more chemo before I was better. We ate tasty pizzas in the conservatory in Ask at Belsize Park, and then we went our separate ways home. When I got home Mas was happy that I had another week to recover. He is having a horrible time as he has backache, and a pain in his foot that seems to travel up the sciatic nerve and is finding it difficult to get out of chairs and change position. He has not the 'time' to go to the doctors to get it sorted out despite anything I say to him.

Florence called me, and we talked for about an hour, and were laughing about times we used to work together. Mas and I watched Pie in the Sky, and went to bed rather early

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