Monday, 28 July 2008

not living in 'interesting times'

On Saturday and Sunday I pottered about generally feeling well, got out our juicer and decided to do apple and carrot juice, and made some soup, and we did a bit of gardening and catching up with friends and family. The weather was very hot and humid, but we sat in the garden in the evenings which was pleasant.
On Monday I went down to Edgware and topped up my mobile phone, and got a bit of shopping, and later wrote some letters. Mas still has a bad back, but I was unable to make an appointment with the doctor as the phones were constantly engaged....not a very good service! Despite his back hurting so much Mas spent time clearing up our garden shed which had become so untidy it was hard to find anything.
All rather unexciting things, but it was a relief to be feeling so much better again, and cheered Mas up quite a bit.

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