Saturday, 6 June 2009

Three annoyances

Yesterday was one of those days! I found I had lost my credit card, after walking to the bank, so I walked home to make sure it was not somewhere there. Having searched the place endlessly, I walked back to the bank taking a different card so that I could get some money out, and the cash point swallowed that card. I was able to get some money out as I had taken my passport, but had to cancell both cards and order new ones. Grrrr!

Later I spoke to Pete and Tony called too, so the day ended on a good note.

Today I did some gardening and chores. Mas went out briefly, and while he was gone I dropped a sledge hammer onto my foot. I was still standing, wondering if all my bones had been turned to pulp when Mas came back, looked at me and made a cup of tea. Later I found I could still wiggle all my toes, so knew I was alright. Nevertheless, Mas took my library books back for me.

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