Tuesday, 16 June 2009

No time for my guitar

Pete went to Guernsey on Monday, lucky thing! I mixed up yet another colour to repaint the coffee table in the conservatory which has become scruffy and scratched. Once I had finished painting it looked brand new again. This naturally led to a bit of plant re potting. It is terrible how I get led on from one thing to another and never get time to learn to play the guitar!

Today we were having breakfast Maheena called round with the news that her daughter has been awarded a place at the Henrietta Barnett School, which is what they had hoped for. I received a box of mistletoe medication, but as I wanted to be busy today did not take any, but started painting the bathroom and put on the first white coat of paint. Mas and I put all the things back in the shed as he had finished repairing it and had put up new shelves.

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