Sunday, 14 June 2009

Lunch with Tania and Robert, swimming the next day.

I after the usual chores we drove off to St. Albans in lovely weather. We met Tania and Robert at Sazio’s for lunch; Tania is really enjoying her new job. We had a nice lunch, then wandered about the market, and got some shopping before we drove home.

Today I did some gardening, and we went swimming in the afternoon. I asked the life guard if he ever had to give the kiss of life or resuscitate any of the swimmers as the water was so cold, and he was joking about it, but did say that the temperature never reached 27°, which is the agreed minimum in the manifesto of the group that operates the leisure centre.

Mas went for a coffee with one of the neighbours, and I tried to catch up with my emails. Later I watched Last of the Summer Wine; how nice to escape for half an hour to a fantasy place where people are never rude or violent, and have lots of time for silliness and jokes.

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