Monday, 8 June 2009

No change of heart, only paint!

Wynford called round for coffee, as arranged, this morning, and told us all the romantic details of his engagement to Rupa. They have in fact been in love for seventeen years, and all their families and friends wish them well and are happy about their engagement.

Christiane called in briefly and gave me some leaflets, we were sorry she had to rush off.

Later Mas and I agreed that we could no longer stand the colour of the painted kitchen cupboards, and I said I would mix paints, and make one that matched the floor exactly, and repaint them tomorrow.

Today Glen came round at 11.00 and we talked of Wynford's engagement, and many, many, other things while having tea and biscuits. After lunch I painted the cupboards again in exactly the same colour as the floor; it looked awful.
Sallty was keeping a low profile, sleeping in an untidy wardrobe.

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