Thursday, 13 May 2010

This concert will fall in love with you.

Today Mas and I (after leaving huge amounts of food for Salty) took the train down to Brighton, and from there to Pete's place. Before too long we walked around the corner to The Sussex Yeoman where we met up with Beth and Mark. Mas was looking forward to their home cooking because he had really enjoyed a meal there before.

We all had a cheery time, and later Mas and I went for a short walk in Brighton as we did not want to get in the way, Brighton is a stimulating place, especially when the Brighton Festival is being held. We were surprised at the really nice shops so close to Pete's house, home made bread and wholesome groceries available.

We had a coffee and walked slowly home to Pete's. When the time was right we went to St. Michael and All Angels Church where This Concert Will Fall in Love With You was to be performed. The music written and conducted by Matthew Pollard will be performed by The Tacet Ensemble with Pete reading his work.

The church is quite beautiful, and has windows made by William Morris and Burne-Jones, and decorations by other members of the Pre-Raphaelite group.
Mas and I found seats near to Maureen and Pat, Lorraine's parents. To start the programme Glen Capra played Liszt, followed by Elgar's Salute d'amour with Ellie Blackshaw on the violin as well.
Pete read three of his love poems: Train in snow, Exorcism and Our Song. This was followed by a percussion duet played by Adam Bushell and Tom Norrel on vibraphone and marimba, then madrigal singing, with Lorraine included in the singing group.

There was a short interval with wine and biscuits, and I had a chance to talk to Janet as I am interested in the textile projects she is working on.
In part two, Matt and Pete's piece was performed. Pete was dressed as a flamboyant Victorian, with purple ruffles and cummerbund, and a black silk top hat. The music was extremely beautiful, and Pete spoke his lines in dramatic form. It was all very impressive!
After the performance people drifted off to the nearest pub, and everyone had a chance to chat with each other for some time until it grew quite late and everyone gradually left. Mas and I went back to Pete's with Bob. We met a very friendly cat on the way, and Pete pointed out where Anton lives.
We had tea, and caught up with Bob's news, and then, before too long Mas and I went to bed.

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