Monday, 10 May 2010

Marion's birthday party, and a painful back

This morning we woke up to find two dead mice on the floor; this is becoming a carnage hot spot!
Mas still has a stiff and painful back, but as it was Marion's fiftieth birthday we could not miss it.

We got round to her house at the right time, and found her place full of interesting people. Everyone seemed even more flamboyantly dressed than usual, and Marion's hair was bright red! We found out later that it was a fancy dress party, but were never able to establish what the theme was, and after a glass of wine we did not feel out of place. We met up with some of the usual suspects and chatted, and Marion had roped in a few new people, one she had only met that day, and everyone was having a good time and laughing a great deal.

I had a long conversation with Marion's neighbour who has a Philippina wife. They spend some time here, but a lot of time in the Philippines where they have a large farm with a mansion for their home. It all sounded very colourful. It was a fun way to spend the evening, and Marion changed her fancy dress again, and I wished that I had bought my camera!

Eventually we thought we should go home, and Mas by this time had a worse back problem,
and we crept carefully off to bed.

This morning Mas was in such pain that he went back to bed to lie on his back after I had given him one of my muscle relaxant pills; he spent most of the day asleep. I spent most of the day gardening.

Mas got up in the evening, and we watched a programme about a garden being constructed on the cliffs above Saints Bay in Guernsey. There were several stunning views of Guernsey scenery which was lovely. After which, we watched another excellent Lewis episode, set in picturesque Oxford, so for once it was worth watching TV.

u7777777777777777777777777/+++++++++++++* this was typed by Salty who always has a few things to say!

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