Friday, 7 May 2010

Fun at craft show and computers sorted!

This week we did our usual things and tidied up the conservatory, took cuttings and re potted a large pot with geraniums and an Amaryllis. We continued to have computer problems and Mas bought a new router for his. I finished the deaths head moth picture for Pete.

On Thursday morning I voted, and then we went off to Hatfield House for the Living Crafts Fair for the rest of the day. This was much better than last year's event because the weather was so much nicer. There was a huge array of marquis to visit with every kind of craft displayed. We really enjoyed the day, and had snacks while listening to the band play. Children were obediently doing Morris dancing, and everyone seemed to be having a good time and admiring the workmanship and innovation. http//

Today I had to go off early to the Royal Free Hospital for the results of my recent CT scan. While I was waiting to see the doctor, a lady sitting beside me gradually worked herself up into an indignant rage at having to wait so long. We talked for a while; she wondered why I was so calm, and I turned over the book I had been reading with a front cover which said RELAX, which made her laugh.

When I saw my surgeon, he said I was fine and well, but that they would keep up with the normal monitoring. Then I went off home.

Mas had been working on the computer problems, and later a really nice IT techno. person came to help. Mas had actually almost fixed the computers, but this nice man completed it all off for us. What a relief! Poor Mas had got a very painful back ache by this time though.

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