Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Routine days then a visit from Pete

We spent all week doing our routine things, interspersed with gardening, cleaning the stonework and garden furniture, and Mas fixed the canopy over the garden swing which had broken with the weight of snow in the winter. For a break we had lunch one day at the Man in the Moon.

On Tuesday Jana phoned and said she could go for a walk tomorrow, and she would arrive around 9.00am. Mas and I took some videos over to Margaret's and John's and had chats with them. Pete came round in the early evening, and we sat around chatting about his concert, and looking at the score; Pete unreasonably refused to drink some beer which we had discovered at the back of the cupboard that was less than ten years past its' use by date! Mas made a lovely turkey dinner which we drank with some wine. It was a nice evening.

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