Friday, 23 April 2010

A long days holiday

As arranged Jana arrived shortly after breakfast, and we set off for a walk, leaving Mas happily to his own devices until we got back again.
We walked across fields until we came out near the Elstree golf club; we were hailed by one of the golfers who said we had bought him luck as he had just played a very good shot. As we passed the golf club we decided to see if we could have a coffee, even if we were not members. We had a really nice coffee which was surprisingly inexpensive. We sat outside, in a friendly atmosphere where a group of golfers were joking with each other.

Once we left we crossed the road and walked a familiar way over the fields
and passed lots of horses. All the hedges were topped by blackthorn bushes in flower.

We passed a large home, close to the sheep below, which had its own helicopter parked in the garden. Its body was covered in protective clothing. We speculated on who would need their own personal helicopter. I suggested it may belong to a heavy duty criminal who may need a quick getaway, but as Jana said it would take at least half an hour to get the 'copter's jacket off, so we discarded that theory.
We walked through woods heavy with the scents of spring, and then across fields again. Eventually we came out near Aldenham School, and walked to Letchmore Heath.

Jana treated us to lunch at The Three Horseshoes, and we sat outside in the sunshine where groups of people were enjoying themselves and celebrating St. George's Day. Jana was also playing with the landlady's dog. As we left, after we had eaten, we looked at our favourite houses there before setting off across the fields again. We walked until we came to Elstree Aerodrome. As we skirted around the airfield a small plane, with circles on its wings, took off behind us, and then did a loop the loop in salute before flying off into the distance.

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We also came across a beautiful dead fox at the perimeter. Continuing across fields we came across the reservoir where we admired the beautiful birds for a while; people were sitting around enjoying the sunshine. Walking further we walked to (the Winnie) the Poo field only to discover that the North Pole had been stolen!
We found that we were running out of time, but nevertheless we took the long way home as we were enjoying the walk so much. At Elstree Village we caught the bus for a couple of stops before hurrying home. We were late, and Oktay had been waiting with Mas for our return as Monika had a last evening planned for Jana. It had been along day filled with sunshine, I felt as if I had been on holiday, and I was sad to see Jana leave.

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