Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tania getting better, and good news for me

On Monday I walked to Stanmore and posted my letter to claim £20, 500.00 as I have been told I have won this! If only! I also went to the bank and got a small amount of shopping and walked back in the sunshine. I saw Ben who is rebuilding the entrance to their house, and also saw Maheena and Glen, and chatted to each in turn.

I swept up leaves as usual, and later called to see how Tania was. She had the flu in a mild dose, but it still seems pretty horrible, and she did not sound well at all, but is over the worst now.
I then spent ages working out how much we spend on gas and electricity, and changed our supplier which should save us more than £100.00 a year, in theory. At this rate I will soon be rich!

Today I went off to hospital to find out the results of my scan. After waiting for almost two hours I saw the doctor who told me that my scan was clear, and blood tests were fine too. I am glad that they take such good care of me!

When I left the hospital, the sun was shining after a heavy downpour of rain, and all seemed right with the world.

In the evening we went next door to Glen and Barry's, and had some sherry, lots of talk and dinner with them. Having put the world to rights we took the long journey home, and watched a quick episode of P.G.Woodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster before bed. A good day!

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