Thursday, 19 November 2009

Art and Antiques at Olympia and Xmas decorations

It was a grey, windy drizzly day, and I spent time 'being restrained'. I also emailed Christian who has been sending me articles and links about the swine flu injection. I also heard from Christiane and we planned when to meet tomorrow as she has tickets for the Art and Antiques Fair at Olympia.

Today we met up at 10.30am, and travelled to Olympia on underground trains. We were not quite sure if her ticket would admit two of us, so en route we planned an alternative day out. As it happened we were both admitted after having our handbags searched.

There was a lot to see of both the antiques and the art which had been collected from a variety of periods including Art Deco. It was an interesting exhibition, and I found some of the art quite amazing. I really liked this small, jewelled, enameled picture.

After a while we stopped for a tea/coffee break and made a picnic from the food we had bought with us, and talked of interesting things for a while. We then continued looking, and Christiane found out where she could get her pearls professionally restrung from one of the dealers.

When we had seen everything' we decided to go home on the bus so that we could see the Christmas lights which have been turned on now. We caught the bus and looked at the decorations which seemed better than for a few years, but it was difficult to see as there was a log jam of buses in the way. We got off at Oxford Circus, where the decorations did not seem quite so good, and then walked to Tottenham Court Road to get the train home as the buses seemed to be going so slowly.

I felt quite tired by the time I got home, so we relaxed and watched TV. While we were doing this the tabby cat into the house through the cat door, but ran away when he saw me. Later I saw him in the garden with Salty.

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