Friday, 4 April 2008

Spring cleaning and spring flowers

I have been doing some spring cleaning, which was very overdue, as well as the usual things. The weather has been lovely today, and for a break I took these pictures :

Years ago we liked these Celandine flowers, and put a few into a strategic place in the garden, but they have spread and grow everywhere now, despite our efforts to control them. I always liked Laurel flowers when I was a child, because they can easily be overlooked, and I thought no one else saw them except me.
We saw bumble bees in our window boxes while we were having our morning coffee; they draw attention to themselves by bumping their heads on the window which seems to be one of the sounds of summer at our house. We also saw a pair of chaffinches in the garden, the female in much more subdued and modest colours.

It is hard to believe that the forecast for the weekend is snow showers.

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