Saturday, 26 April 2008

Lonesome dove with fieldmouse and flowers

We spent most of the week feeling a great lack of energy and doing things that had to be done. I finished the final touches to the prints and prepared to post them off.

We had intended to go to the Chelsea Art Fair as usual, but could not muster up the energy to do it, but hopefully we will next year.
wood or field mouse
While having breakfast we discovered that a field mouse had moved into our window box and had made a small hole behind the geraniums. We watched it running about very fast for a while, and were pleased to see it.

As we have been feeling at a bit of a low ebb we have been watching old cowboy films, and one that we both really enjoy called Lonesome Dove which was serialised on TV. There is one amazing scene where steers are being driven through a storm, and the lightening travels through them, running along all their horns and lighting them up in the darkness.

Joan sent me these lovely pictures from Ontario woods; spring has come at last!


Mex said...

Sorry not commented for a while - Pete's probably told you life is a bit manic.

Glad to hear you are on the mend though and I'm really looking forward to another trip to an art fair with you or lunch at our our new offices.

Lots of love


Barbara Huet de Guerville said...

Thanks for the photo. Where was it taken? Wiki has a quote from a plaque in Stony Stratford but the wording is not that of your photo. Am researching medieval history in Lincolnshire c.1290.