Saturday, 15 March 2008

Toby's return home and going to the Transport Museum

We got up early as planned, and drove off reaching the airport in half an hour, but it took half an hour extra to park the car. After Toby checked in we all had a coffee and got in another talking session before Toby, sadly, had to go. Fortunately it may not be too long before he can come back, and try to spend more time with Pete too.
After he went through the exit, we left and returned home, with just enough time for me to have a quick bite of lunch. Mas drove me down to Edgware, and I went off to Covent Garden to meet Mex.
As I was a few minutes early I walked around and took a few photos; I do not remember seeing such crowds of people there before!

London's Transport Museum

This man is playing an ancient musical instrument called a sheng, it is 3,000 years old and the organ and accordian are developed from the design. The music played on it is sweet and haunting.

I met up with Mex, and we looked around the museum which has had a multi-million pound face lift since I last visited it. It is now much more fun for children as there is a lot for them to intereact with .

The "dizzy room"

There was a room full of watercolour illustrations of the men working on the renovations to the museum which were works of art in their own right.

Some posters were displayed,

this is a small sample.

There was also a time travelling lady from the 1930s prepared to talk about all the small details of her life, living in the metroland suburbs, now that the underground railway had been extended into the countryside. She did charity work (unpaid of course), bought up her children, employed a cook, and her husband commuted to the city to work. Her life sounded ideal!

Afterwards we walked to the Photographers Gallery where we had tea and a cake and chatted before going off home on the tube to our separate homes.
I felt really tired at the end of this eventful day, and Mas and I went to bed rather early.

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Mex said...

Great post and lovely pictures. Glad you enjoyed the day ;-)