Sunday, 23 March 2008

Emergency tree felling followed by snow and cookies

On Good Friday we discovered that an elderberry tree close to the house had lurched sideways due to the roots having lifted because of the blustery strong winds we have been having recently. We decided the only course of action was to cut the tree in half as it has a divided trunk. A lot of the day was spent cutting it down and chopping up the pieces; just as we finished the sky darkened ominously, and it began to hail ferociously.

As soon as the hail turned into rain we heard a loud clap of thunder, so I rushed around the house unplugging TV and computers (thinking of the Hi Fi system we lost to lightening previously!) After this we had a cup of tea and waited for the storm to pass so that we could get on with the things we usually do.

On Saturday we went off to get shopping, and had a breakfast and change of scene at The Man in the Moon, as we drove home it began a thick snow shower, and became cold so we stayed
home for the rest of the day, lurking around and doing our usual things; Mas on the computer, and me trying to paint a particular picture.

On Easter Sunday we woke to a white world as it had snowed overnight, and was still snowing. Sadly by the time I had drunk my second coffee, the thaw set in, and the snow had almost melted before I took these pictures. So there was to be no snowballing for Mas and I !

As the house felt cold, despite the heating being on, I made some leek and potato soup. I also decided to make some of Romy's cookies, despite my deep misgivings about my ability to divide 1¼ cups of sugar by ⅔ . Luckily it was possible, using the cooking tools that Romy had given me previosly. I made half the batch with ginger chopped into it, and used hazle nuts too.
Mas strolled by as I was putting them on the rack to cool, and said "Flapjacks....mmm." I said "No," so he took a bite and as he was walking past and said "Interesting" The house was warmer, and it smelled good as well! I had better not make them again as we will just eat them!
We watched The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency in the evening which we both liked. Luckily they are making a series of this which will be shown next year.

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