Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Lunch in Soho with Mex and China town decorations

Yesterday was a bright sunny day, and after the frost disappeared, it became quite warm. As arranged I met Mex in a bistro in Soho. We had a wonderful meal, which was reasonable and very good value. We had a lot to talk about as we had not met up for a long time, lunch time passed too quickly before we had to break for Mex to go back to work. I had really enjoyed talking to Mex, and it was really nice to be strolling around in the sunshine, so I took a few pictures of the Chinese decorations which are put up to celebrate the new year.

I took the tube home, and walking from the station I met the vociferous cat who belongs to a neighbour who, after I took the photo threw himself onto the pavement and rolled about so much I could not take another picture of him.

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Mex said...

I really enjoyed our lunch too. Next time you're in Soho you should pop into those bead shops :-)