Friday, 24 October 2008

Computer problems and portrait commission.

I started to have problems with my computer, which apart from making ominous clicking sounds would flash me messages which would not remain on the screen long enough to read which added to the general feeling of alarm, and the curser would freeze in one spot which did not help. Knowing my limitations (as per Clint Eastwood) I ignored the problem till Mas took it over for me.
I began feeling exhausted, but was cheered by a commission to do a portrait. In the evening we watched the miseries of The Bill and Silent Witness before clambering up to bed.

Today I spoke to Glen and Barry to ask if, when we get a cat, they would look afer it should we go away later. They agreed to this willingly. Mas spent most of the day doing the computer, and I did a bit of housework and gardening, but began to feel too tired, so stopped. Manu phoned, but I felt too tired to invite him round this evening. Mas and I watched a few Frasiers before bedtime.

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