Friday, 30 May 2008

Nice evening listening to relaxed jazz, disappointing pub interlude

On Thursday I had to return to the hospital to talk with the specialist nurse as planned, and this was very useful and I came away feeling cheerful. The weather was warm, and people were sitting outside at the pavement cafes in Belsize Park.

Pete came over in the evening and we had a nice time sitting around and talking while listening to the good jazz compilations that Tobe made for me. Pete also bought lots of CDs to watch and we saw a couple of Frasiers before going off to bed.

The next day we had a relaxed breakfast, and a surprise package was delivered which came from Romy and Tobe and was filled with all manner of intriguing things including some birch knitting needles (as I had lost my other ones in hospital), Japanese wool and some hand dyed wool which it turns out is partly made from seaweed. Also a game called Carcasonne which is being played in Ontario and looks very intriguing.

We went to lunch at our pub in Stanmore, but were disappointed as the food was not good and the place seemed to be full of unpleasant people which was unusual, but I expect it will be a long time before we try it again.

Pete volunteered to do the vacuuming, and we all had a quick rest before having tea and I walked with Pete down to the station as he was off to meet a pal in Hampstead.

In the evening Mas and I watched some more I Claudius and some Frasiers as there was nothing of interest on TV.

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